About Us

Our team has been involved in training and development for a combined 20 years. 


We've been passionate about diversity and inclusion our whole lives!


When you work with us, you get access to our passive coaching, out unique early warning system, unequalled “real world” research techniques and an ultra-flexible team which can rapidly adapt.


These are unique features that you can't get anywhere else.

“Down-to-earth diversity” is our approach. Inclusivity and accessibility are embedded by default into all our work. We understand diverse teams and conflicting reasonable adjustments, and we value everyone equally. Your staff can be directed to more specialised services if they need them, through our integrated signposting system. We have real-life experience of neurodiversity and mental health conditions, for a deep understanding and honest communication.


Amy Newton

Amy's background in tech recruitment means she has a deep understanding of what attracts talented people to a company - and why they stay. She is a leading figure in Manchester's tech scene and has co-founded numerous community groups. Amy is diagnosed disclosed Bipolar II and has experienced Depression and Anxiety since her teenage years; which is why she is a passionate about enabling tech workplaces to support Mental Health. When she's not out and about she usually has her nose in a book, and is addicted to Diet Coke.

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Rachel Morgan -Trimmer

Rachel is autistic and has ADHD. She's at the forefront of the neurodiversity movement and passionate about promoting the positives of neurodiverse conditions. She's been an educator in one form or another since she left school, has won several awards, and is a prolific writer and public speaker. She is frequently used as a climbing frame by her small children, and is obsessed with food.

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