Why have Neurodiversity training?

  • Greater productivity (30% to 50%)

  • Better understanding of neurodiverse clients

  • Faster onboarding

  • Lower staff absence

  • Improved collaboration​​

  • Reduced recruitment costs

  • Reduced time spent on recruitment

  • Attract the right talent

  • Improved brand reputation

  • Significantly lower risk of litigation issues

All of which leads to increased revenue.


We're proud of the fact that all of our courses are developed with input from the tech community. We can confidently say that we have the input of CTOs, Heads of Engineering, Full Stack Developers, Heads of Product, Test Managers and UX Designers in our training. 

You have two options of engaging with us. 

The first option is one of our 'Off the shelf' courses which have been specifically developed with Software Development teams in mind. 

The second is to choose a bespoke course which we will curate based on an initial assessment of your current needs. 

Our promise to you is that if you need a bespoke course, we do not charge more. We believe that Diversity and Inclusion should be accessible to every tech company; whether they be a start-up with a small team or a huge organisation. We do not believe in gatekeeping Diversity and Inclusion - we promote the idea that inclusive design should be baked in from the beginning. 

Wellness Workshops

'Wellness' as a concept suffers the inevitable fate of being perceived as vague, fluffy, and slightly abstract. Frankly, we understand. 

It's important to point out something that the Mental Health movement often neglects to mention; there are three areas to consider. 

There is Mental Wellbeing, Mental Health and Mental Illness. The three are completely different and each come with their own complexities and challenges in terms of the workplace. 

Our Wellness Workshops are about Mental Wellbeing, and while they may have an impact on your staff with Mental Health and Mental Illness considerations they are by no means a silver bullet for the more serious conditions. We offer advice and sign-posting for when other services are needed. 


Our workshops have been designed with our mission statement woven through every session: Down to Earth Diversity. We don't believe in the abstract: we understand that you have a business to run, software to develop, and deadlines to meet. We understand that you need impactful training that can be implemented efficiently as soon as your staff leave our sessions. 

It's with that in mind that we offer the below in conjunction with our training courses. 


We offer 5 workshops of 30 minutes each, designed to be delivered during a lunchtime or whenever's convenient. Each one comes with optional further reading and actions. 


  • Tone setting talk – creating a safe space 

  • Exploring and defining your identity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Creating and promoting your professional brand

  • Practising and expressing gratitude


Each workshop's activities are inclusive and accessible. Each attendee is given the space to participate in the way that suits them both, whether that's sharing their experience, or maintaining their privacy. 


We also have safeguarding and sign-posting in place, meaning that if an attendee needs further support or guidance, we can offer that discreetly.


Our Co-Founder Amy is an ex-Tech Recruiter and has worked together with Rachel to develop this course. 

As both a company and a Community Leader, we firmly believe that Tech Recruiters are an integral part of the Tech Ecosystem. Recruiters are at the sharp end of the market, they know what's happening in our city before many others and they work incredibly hard. 

We've developed a course specifically aimed at helping Tech Recruiters look after candidates and clients that are Neurodiverse. 

It's the only course of it's kind in the UK and it will result in greater empathy for anyone in your team who is Neurodiverse but also enable you to properly communicate with and manage your candidates and clients.